Thursday, 5 September 2013

Who is Dr Rola in faked Syrian Napalm report?

Dr Rola appearing on BBC Newsnight

Dr Rola has been doing the rounds with the media this week after her fake patients video got banded around, care of the BBC's Panorama team. Pushing for western humanitarian bombs to rain down on Syria and hoping  this new 'attack' would impression the vote in Parliament after a week of chemical weapons claims. For some reason she only wants to be known as Dr Rola in her interviews. In an article done by an associate of hers in The Lancet, she is referred to under the pseudonym of Dr Rola Ahmed.

There's been some confusion over who she is and if she is even a doctor.

She is Dr Rola Hallam. You can check her on the GMC register here. Also known as Dr Rola Al-Kurdi (Alkurdi) - her maiden name. Dr Simon Hallam, her husband, is also involved in Hand in Hand for Syria.

You can read more about her here

Her status is: Registered with a license to practise. She is not on the GP register and not on the Specialist register.

There is also a Dr Mousa Al-Kurdi who is believed to be her father. He played his part in fronting stories for the Chemical attack in Ghouta just the week before. He is referred to as an oncologist or gynaecologist depending on the report you read. Surprise, surprise he is also in the Syrian National Council - the western funded opposition group. But the news articles simply refer to him as a Syrian doctor avoiding his political connections, to make it appear he's some impartial observer.

Update: The GMC appeared to have removed all reference to Alkurdi/Al-Kurdi on their register when checking today (12/09/13). Their site advises that names can be withheld for search.

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